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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Internet love experience

What do you think about Internet love? Do you have a positive or negative experience of finding love though the internet? Do you think you can find true love on the net?

People often join internet dating sites or English clubs to make friend and if they could meet someone they like, their relationship will be growing more and more. Actually, some couples got married and they had a happy life. Some were not.. :(

Internet is a research tool or it's a way of building bridge between men and women and love happens when they have same feelings...

A Love like You
by Judy Star
Have I ever told you?
Just how special you are
That when you smile and beam
You emit a light that’s brighter
Than the night’s stars

Have I ever told you?
How important you are to me
And how you’ve been so surreal
You’re in my thoughts and dreams.
You show me love that’s so real
And true too.

Have I ever told you?
That many times when I’m sad
Feeling blue, feel like I’m held together
With crazy glue all I have to do
Is think of you and all is right and new

Have I ever told you?
When I thought of comparing you
With others that I knew
I realize none is as endearing
There is no one on this earth
I would compare you with

Have I ever told you?
That picture of you does come into
My mind
I wouldn’t make it if you weren’t
There for me to find.

Have I ever told you?
That I want to thank you
For the time spend sharing
And day dreaming
Our hopes and dreams.
In fact it makes me glad
That I have found someone
So Special YOU!


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